Juniper Fir & Balsam 3 Wick Candle

Juniper Fir & Balsam 3 Wick Candle

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Last year's best seller is back! Deck the halls with this woody fresh scent of pine wood, juniper, balsam and musk. Smells just like a fresh cut Christmas tree.

Clear 16 oz. 3-wick candle infused with pearl mica powder for a shimmery melt pool. Average burn time 60+ hours. Made with phthalate free fragrances and vegan coconut soy wax.

Vessel dimensions:  3.63" H

Clear glass candles may represent "wet" spots due to temperature fluctuations and is a common occurrence in all candles. If you experience any, it is cosmetic and does not affect the burn quality. Once lit, the wet spots will go away as the wax warms up. We do our best to avoid these but they may appear during shipment.